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Guinot Hydra Peeling Facial.

Guinot have developed a unique alternative to aesthetic medicine. This treatment is available in two variations that will be determined based on your beauty goals and skin sensitivity. Hydra Peeling will erase visible signs of ageing, add randiance to the complexion, reduce dark spots and brightens skin tone.

Hydra Peeling with PH - All skin types ( requires a patch test at least 24hrs before 1st treatment)

Hydra Peeling with Hydrabrasion - Sensitive skins & Pregnancy 



Bare Minerals 

Statment lip colours are now at Monera....


Clarins Double Serum 

This amazing product has now been reformulated,with amazing results. With it's double chamber packaging being updated so that you can pump out a small or a large drop. This serum has potent anti-aging plant extracts in both an oil and water consistancy ensurring a perfect affinity with your skin with speedy absorbtion.

Clarins use all oraganic plant ingrediants, fair trade agreements and eco - friendly packaging.

30ml £57  or  50ml  £75 



Clarins SOS Masks

There are 3 to choose from

SOS Confort - For dry skin

SOS Hydra - For dehydrated skin

SOS Pure - For oily/combination skin

Combine them with one of Clarins 3 Boosters for even better results.





Bare Minerals  Bare Pro Foundation - £27


 full coverage, 12 hour long wear. Flawless matt finish, Hypoallergenic, won't clog pores or cause breakouts.



Guinot Eye Logic Eye Contour Treatment

This amazing eye treatment will help reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness from the eyes and give you that wide awake look and feeling again!!!




LVL lashes are the best way to enhance your natural lashes with no need to wear strip lashes or have lash extensions applied. This treatment will lift, curl and lengthen your own lashes for up to 6 weeks.


( patch test must be given at least 24 hours before treatment)

Guinot's Age Summun Facial

This facial treatment is a hands on,age fighting facial using pure vitamin c and exfoliating ingrediants to give your skin the best radiance and anti-ageing results.


Lipolift Pro Wrap

This detoxifing treatment will help to reduce fat cells in the body. Creating an inch loss effect.Results will continue for 72 hourts after the treatment.This treatment is perfect before any special occasion to help fit into that little black dress!




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